N1 A9023
Cover Glass and Display Lens
N1 A8030
Touch Screen Enhancement
N1 A8753
Extensive Research and Testing

At the Forefront of Displays

A world leader in the design and the manufacture of display enhancement products.

Improving the interface between your equipment and your customer is at the core of our business. We have a proven ability to optimize your displays and enhance your customer's experience.

Cover Glass and Touch Screen Integration

Optical Filters manufactures a bespoke range of cover glass and plastic lens for electronic displays tailored to suit your application aesthetic and functional requirements. These can be supplied as individual components or as part of a display or touch screen assembly.

Display Enhancements

Optical Filters has a comprehensive range of glass and plastic display enhancements, offered in raw sheets, as finished cut filters or fully assembled solutions that are produced in our clean rooms.

Optical Bonding and Lamination

Utilizing a wide variety of bonding and laminating materials in our clean room, we offer proven techniques to suite different application requirements including avionics, automotive and defence.

Flat Panel Displays

Optically bonded with our index match adhesive or assembled with an air gap, the flat panel display can be sourced by Optical Filters or we can integrate a customer supplied display.