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Optical Bonding and Lamination

Experienced in bonding in clean room conditions, a wide variety of bonding and laminations materials and techniques to suit different application requirements. Index matched optical clear adhesives.


Bonding of displays with proprietary liquid adhesive, low-stress bonding method undertaken in clean room conditions.

Optical Filters’ Viz-BondTM process uses a liquid adhesive to bond filters together rather than a dry film process, enabling it to incorporate materials that cannot withstand the heat and pressure of the dry film process such as LCDs and some optical films.

The index-matched wet-bond adhesive reduces internal reflections in the optical stack, thereby improving readability in sunlight. With automated dispensing, this reworkable system is reliable and scalable to large volume if required.

Optical Lamination

Dry film lamination of optical components, displays, and touch screens using polyurethane (PU) or ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) adhesives.

Touch Screen Integration

Contract bonding and lamination of consigned touchscreens, LCDs to optical filters, and components.

Filter Integration

Application of Optical Clear Adhesives (OCAs) and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs) of films and filters to glass, touch screens, and displays.