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Display Filters and Enhancements

Optical Filters has a comprehensive range of glass and plastic display enhancements; offered in raw sheets, as finished cut filters or fully bonded solutions that are produced in our clean rooms.

Anti-Reflective and Protective Film

Protective films are offered in a variety of forms such as Anti-Reflective (AR), Anti-Fingerprint (AF), AR/AF, Anti-Glare (AG). These thin polyester films are OCA laminated to the substrate in our cleanrooms.

Transparent Heaters

Optical Filters has developed a range of transparent heated screens that enable continued use of flat panel displays in adverse ambient conditions such as low temperature and environments where instruments are prone to fogging or misting.

Using low resistance busbars, a heating current is applied to an Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) coated glass. Extensive testing and military qualification have proven that Optical Filters transparent heated screens maintain an LCD at 20°C with an outside temperature of -50°C and a 3°C/minute temperature gradient.

Additional layers and elements can be included in the assembly stack for impact resistance, EMI shielding, contrast enhancements, and/or anti-glare control.

Thermal Management

3M Thermal Management Film (TMF) provides Infrared (IR) reflective/thermal load reduction for displays. 3M TMF is a polymeric multilayer optical film with NIR reflection > 90% with >86% visible transmission.

Privacy Filters

Privacy Filters, sometimes called Light Control Film (LCF) consist of many thin louvers that function like a vertical window blind restricting the path of light through the filter. The display is clear and undistorted to the user directly within the viewing axis, but to either side, the image is blackened and unreadable.


Polarizers are used to analyze or create polarized light. Optical Filters can offer a wide range of size, polarization, and light transmission. Common applications include contrast enhancement display filters, sunlight readable touchscreens, photography, stress analysis of glass and plastics, optical sensors and safety light curtains, 3D projection systems, and ophthalmology.

In addition to the supply of the filter material in sheets, we offer full manufacturing services to cut and finish parts to final size. Full optical lamination in glass or plastic is also available.

Infrared Filters

Infrared (IR) pass filters provide high transmittance of Infrared radiation while reducing or blocking transmission of energy below 700 nanometers (nm). The use of IR filters has grown with the development of the IR photometric systems. Specific applications include remote control units, security systems, proximity sensors, scanners, and IR cameras.

Custom optical lamination inside glass or polycarbonate with EMI shielding laminated EmiClare mesh is also available.