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EMI-AG12 Film Replaces ITO Film


EMI-AG12 replaces ITO coated EMI-ITO15

EMI-AG films are low resistance, electrically conductive, silver alloy coated optically clear 125µm polyester EMI/RFI shielding film. Compared to the ITO coated film, EMI-AG films has better optical properties and lower surface resistance. Unlikely AgHT the Ag-alloy coatings reduced discoloration and good resistance to oxidation.

The combination of high visible light transmission, near neutral color and low electrical resistance make an ideal EMI/RFI shield for electronic displays, touch screens and membrane switch panels requiring moderate shielding effectiveness and high-quality optical properties. This thin film is ideal for easy integration into optical stacks and displays.

This robust and flexible PET film has up to 86% visible light transmission, and infra-red heat rejection.

EMI-AG film is available from stock in 750mm wide rolls, sheets, or custom cut parts.

In addition to the 12 ohms/sq EMI-AG film is also available in 4 ohms/sq low surface resistance version and optional optically clear pressure sensitive adhesive.

EMI-AG Film can be found in the following applications:

  • EMR/RFI shielding for Avionics, Defense, Industrial and Medical displays, touchscreens, and aperture.
  • Conductive transparent electrodes such as PDLC (polymer dispersed liquid crystal), electrochromic privacy, and smart windows
  • Solar module photovoltaic material